Work on these three aspects to boost your Cosmetic Dentistry

For a lot of dentists, boosting their level of cosmetic dentistry or implant dentistry can be a  bit of a side Hussle.

I mean, its not what they are doing day in, day out, but they wish they were, so they invest in courses to teach them how to do the procedures, but often there is something other than clinical skill that is holding them back from reaching their true potential.

This post isn’t going to give you the magic bullet, because (spoiler alert) there isn’t one. Increasing the level of cosmetic dentistry that you do is a long and hard journey.

BUT there are some things that I whole heartedly recommend, because they helped me on my journey.

1. Understand dental sales.

I am not talking about sneaky tactics to separate your patients from their hard earned money, dental sales needs to revolve around helping.

Identifying the emotional need that your patient has, and giving them solutions to solve this problem – then letting the patient decide what is the best fit for them.

I currently have a patient who is deciding if he should have upper only veneers, or upper and lower. Personally, I think lower ortho and whitening may be a good plan (even though the veneers will earn me more)

This is going to take more conversation to really understand the patients goals, why is he choosing one thing over another? What is the right thing for him?

2. Build a Marketing Platform

Until recently, all my marketing was on social media platforms. I have a website, but I stopped updating it a while ago, because I was getting loads of enquiries for what I wanted to do.

If I was starting fresh, I would still do the social media stuff, its important, but I would also focus on the newsletter, and most people will find this blog from my dental newsletter.

On the socials, there is a lot of competition, and as we have seen with threads, new social medias can come and go quite quickly (is anyone still using threads?).

If you have an email list, you are able to connect with your audience in a more personal way, more people will see your message, and if no one is opening or reading the messages, you can delete that person from the list.

3. Build a productivity strategy

Getting all this stuff done sounds simple, but its a lot of work!

Its easy to feel inundated with it all, and I know I have been there many times!

There are strategies that you can build to help you keep things achievable.

I like to set a monthly goal, break it up into 2 week sprints, and then split that down into daily tasks. The cool thing is that every day, I only have 1-2 things to do, making it achievable.

This is easier than telling yourself that you need to build a marketing platform!

Easy steps are like:

Day 1 – Find a good before and after case

Day 2 – Use Canva to make it look nice

Day 3 – Write an engaging caption and post it.

Super easy, and because you have thought of these steps in advance, you don’t need to think “oh I’m building this marketing campaign – what should I do today?!” – this will cause you to wander off target and spend time on unnecessary stuff.

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