When a Patient Is Ready For Treatment

Patients requiring extensive treatment plans have usually put it off for years and years. Then due to an emotional trigger they will decide the time is right to do something about it.

This could be that they have started dating again, have a significant life event coming up, their family members have commented, their career is being held back as a result etc.


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If your marketing effectively, and are showing solutions to a problem, this will resonate with patients in a similar situation, which will emotionally attract them to come for a consultation.


When the patient is in a consultation

It is so easy as a dentist to see the mouth and start to instantly plan what needs to be done. However, a large proportion of your consultation time should be spent on secondary depth. Find out the hidden agenda, and emotional triggers as to why the patient is here now.

This helps you build rapport and trust, as well as customise a treatment plan to fit in with the patient’s biggest concerns.

This is a tried and tested method. Especially with patients who have been “shopping around’. They may have had “quotes” but how many of those dentists spent the time to understand the “why now”?

Listening to their story and making them feel heard. It is not just about teeth, it is about how their teeth make them feel and how not making a change is impacting them on a short term and long term basis.

Caring at an emotional level is what builds trust and confidence, which in turn will increase your case acceptance.

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There is a deep dive in the psychology of the consultation, and structure that will let you get the same results.


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