What’s the difference between marketing and selling for dental practices?

Here’s some skills you need to develop very quickly to be more successful.

If you’re starting a dental practice tomorrow, there’s certain skills you would need to develop very quickly in order to make that a success.

These are skills in marketing and sales.

During dental courses, we learn so much about carrying out the treatments. But most of the people stop there and don’t put it into practice because they don’t have the necessary sales and marketing skills.

First of all, what’s the difference between sales and marketing?

It’s quite simple. Sales is what happens inside your surgery and marketing is what happens outside.

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In marketing, there’s of course certain techniques involved in order to do it successfully. If you start posting on Instagram for example, I’m not saying that’s the best way to go, but if you do that, you are effectively marketing. You’re telling the world: Hey look I exist and this is what I can do for other patients.

What we want to do is put that message in front of those people who might be interested. Now, for anyone who’s actually marketed you will know that it’s expensive and that there are techniques involved in order to do it successfully.

You can’t just stick an advert out there and say: If you want half price dental implants, come to me. Well, actually you can, but are you going to be attracting the right kind of patients if you do that?

You want to attract people who have a problem. Not the patients who aren’t shopping around and who want the cheapest thing done, because if we cut corners, things aren’t going to work. There is a certain amount of treatment which is necessary to help our patients and I would never advocate cutting corners. 

We want to attract people who realize they have a problem and then give you a call to fix it.’

From then, it becomes a sales process.

  • How does your receptionist answer the phone?
  • Is he saying the right things?
  • Are they spending enough time on the call?

All of this is part of the sales process. In my head, sales is essentially finding the right treatment plan for the patient. There’s 10 million things that we can do in terms of treatments: How to improve the look of a smile or any fonction the patient wants, but you always need to follow those two steps.

Step 1: Find out what the patient wants.

Step 2: Give it to them within the time frame and hopefully the budget that they are expecting.

By following these steps, you will be successful.

If you can master sales and marketing, you will have so many patients knocking at your door, you won’t have time to treat all of them.

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