The Single Thing That Will Get You Bigger Case Acceptances

When I was a younger dentist, I would go on courses, learn new stuff, with the hope that my clinical life would be more interesting, and I could ultimately be more profitable. 

Many of the books I was reading at the time were about sales and marketing, and most would describe sales techniques that made me feel uncomfortable when I said them in real life, in front of patients. 

For example, there is a definite link with deadlines and buying behaviour. 

If you have a special offer on, and have this time limited, then that “forces a buy” because of the fear of missing out. 

Or FOMO as the young people call it! 

But in a clinical setting, suggesting a treatment plan, and then saying that we have a special offer on, and if you decide to move forward with this in the next hour/day/week, then you get a reduced fee – just sounds too salesy. 

In fact, there have been several patients in the last year who have come to me because they have been somewhere else – the other practice could do the work, but they have said something similar to this, and this has put doubt in the patients mind. 

The key difference is that we are not selling a product

Dental care, or cosmetic dentistry, is still a professional service, and the sales process here needs to be different. 

The buy now to lock in a discount works for products or services that can be impulse buys. 

Not dental care. 

In my experience, there is one single thing that will make or break a sale, and that is trust

Everything that we say and do can either build up or break down trust. 

Once we have enough trust, then our patient will go ahead with treatment. 

Here are some ways that you can build up trust in the consultation: 

  • Listen more than you talk
  • Provide options, rather than suggest treatments
  • Empower your patient, rather than focusing on the bad habits that caused the problems
  • Be open and upfront about the financial discussion

Trust can also be built with the way your practice looks, and your social media presence. 

If your practice is neat, clean and inviting, it will look like a place where people have spent money. 

A few years ago, we refurbished our practice, and this dramatically increased the case acceptance for our treatment plans. 

In general, patients are trying to answer the question: “can this place do what I need doing?”

And the way this question is answered isn’t just the words that come out of your (or anyone else) mouth. 

We answer questions like this with lots of subconscious cues from the environment. 

Even stuff like the level of your eyes and those of your patient can have an influence on the outcome of the consultation. 

In our ultimate case acceptance course, we detail all the little things that you can do, and go into detail on how these things can be implemented. 

All of these little modifications on how you can carry out your consultation are really techniques to help you build trust

Taking these techniques to the next level and using them on your social media will help you stand out from the crowd, and build relationships online that you can then build on, as your followers become your patients. 

There are lots of talented clinicians out there, and all they post about is the cases they do, and they talk about them in a very analytical and logical manner. 

This is great, if the goal is to get more referrals from more dentists. 

But if the goal is to attract patients directly, then you should look at building trust online. 

Show that you understand the emotional problems behind the dental problems that people have, and then show that you can solve these problems. 

If you would like more help with stuff like this, it is something that we cover in the mentoring program, and you would also get all of our courses included in that. 

You can get the ultimate case acceptance course for just £250, if you sign up for a single month of our membership plan, and start seeing the results as soon as you implement what is included in the course (there is a lot to implement!)

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