This is the MOST important communication tool for Dentists


If you’re practising standard NHS dentistry or basic family dentistry and you want to transition to much more complicated, and possibly cosmetically focused work then you need a way to tell the world just how good you are.

Now, 90% of all dentistry is about how good you are at communicating, this could be at a one-on-one level when you’re talking to a patient trying to explain the treatment plan (sales), or when you’re trying to communicate one to many (marketing)

You need a way that the general public can quickly see how good you are at your art.

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The most effective way to attract high value patients, who want cosmetic treatments (and they want your style of cosmetic treatments) is to take photographs of every single case.

Now, we’ve developed a web platform where you can easily manage all your photos and collect all your photos and build up a portfolio.

Dental Notebox – Simple & Secure Digital File Management


Organising the photos is the easy bit.

The hard bit is getting into the habit of taking photographs.

The first thing you need is good quality equipment.

You can’t do this with a mobile phone camera.

The lighting is average and the lens distortion will make your photos and your dental work look cheap.

So invest in a high quality camera, a basic level SLR camera will be fine with a good macro lens and good lighting.

This should be considered as the absolute basic of what we need.

Next, we need to get into the habit of taking photos.

So tell your nurse that you’re going to start to take photos, have packs made up with retractors and mirrors so that there’s no hesitations when we start to take the photos.

So the whole process is just very, very slick.

Immediately after taking the photos organise the photos in Dental Notebox.

The most annoying thing can be having a hundred photos on your SD card, which you haven’t organised then when you come to the end of a treatment with a patient, not only can you quickly and easily see the whole process, but you can pull them before and after photos.

And as long as you have the right permissions, you can use them on your website and social media.

You can even use your photos to tell stories of patients, and if you get in front of a camera, you can use these photos, tell the story at an interpersonal level, and it’s almost like you’re talking one to one with the hundreds of people, who could see your videos.

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