The IT Consultant with the same problem as Dentists

Apart from helping dentists to build better personal brands and attract more high value patients starting out on their own etc I’ve actually been helping my neighbour who is a really good IT consultant.

Guess what? He has the same issues as most dentists starting out on their own!

The problem is that we know too much about the subject we are involved in

Don’t want to read the full article? You can watch the short video version below.

Let’s take the example of the IT consultant he’s amazing at building up a web infrastructure a cloud structure for businesses as well as really technical stuff which I don’t understand to do with computers and the more you ask him about these things the more he’ll tell you because his knowledge seems to be unlimited on the subject, the difficulty is when he built a website and he wrote the content he was writing it as if all of his customers knew what he was talking about and he’s almost trying to impress the audience with what he knows

This is almost the opposite of what you actually need to do when you are copywriting

The first thing to think about is what is your customers issue, in the simplest terms what are you able to help your customers with

For the IT consultant I suggested focusing the content more on how he can build systems for businesses to make sure the team spent less time on admin and to have backups in place so that if something did fail the business can carry on running

As dentists we need to think about the emotional benefits our patients are getting from having the kind of treatments you want to provide

So if you want to be a veneer dentist and do small designs all day long you need to understand your patients pain points and address those

Maybe you could focus on confidence in the smile or feeling good every time you look in the mirror

If you want to appeal to those people who need a full set of teeth on implants then maybe consider focusing your copyright into words giving someone the ability to eat confidently and to eat whatever they want and to rejuvenate their smile

When you start talking about the types of veneers you use or the types of implants you use and your experience in the field you’re not addressing the patients pain points

All this stuff is important but it should come after the initial adverts of the initial homepage of your website which is designed to really capture somebody’s attention in a very short period of time

So if you think about the patients journey from a point where they don’t know anything about you too when they’re researching you a lot because they’re thinking about having treatments, the communication and language needs to change during this pathway

Initially it starts off very emotion based essentially saying hey look we can fix this problem

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