How to convert patients who are ‘shopping around’

It’s no surprise that patients shop around when they’re looking for options which could potentially be quite expensive.

This is perfectly reasonable, and we all do this when we’re thinking of spending a little bit of money

One key thing to understand is that a lot of the time, patients aren’t looking for the cheapest option, they’re looking for the best value for money

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Value for money takes into account the cost of treatment but that’s not everything there is to it

Let’s say that a patient is in your chair and they’re thinking about having a single dental implant and the cost of a single dental implant at your practise is £3500

A quick Google search shows that they can have an implant for £900 somewhere locally

It’s important to understand that if somebody is highly price driven you should have systems in your practice that they would never make it to the consultation phase

So if we take the money out of it, (or at least less emphasis on the money) what else are we left with?

Well, if somebody is paying above the odds for something then chances are they want something more than the ordinary

Maybe they want to be reassured that you can make this implant look far more natural than anybody else in town?

If this was the case you would need to be able to show cases where you have helped other people in a similar situation

if you store your photos in Dental Notebox then there is an easy tag feature which helps you find cases which you’ve done historically very quickly and easily

Maybe your patient is looking for a more painless solution and that’s why they’re sitting in your chair?

Whatever it is it’s not purely about the money.

The other side to the coin is the value.

The value of a service should always be higher than the value of the money (in the patients mind)

So, if you want to increase the cost of your treatment plans, then we have to work on increasing the total value of the experience in the dental chair

This comes from active listening to your patients and offering the correct treatment plan and reducing any perceived risks that your patient may have

So with that single implant, maybe you could show your patient photos tell the story of other patients and explain how you do your implant surgery using guided surgery to reduce risk and decrease treatment time.

For a lot of patients this is exactly what they want to hear and by saying it you are increasing the value

By having a fantastic front of house team who is smiling and treating your patients like their valued guests – this increases value in the patients mind

And it’s by increasing the value making the money less of a problem (finance options help here), that we are able to charge the correct fee for doing the treatment to the best standard possible, then creating raving fans about your practice who tell their friends about you.

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