How to confidently talk to patients about money

In order to carry our big treatment plans, you need to be confident talking about the fees.

The reason most dentists have low treatment fees is because they are not confident enough in talking about higher numbers.

Here are 3 top tips to do this confidently:

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1. Focus on providing the best quality treatment to your patients.
The dentistry that you are carrying out is not a quick fix. It is not a basic option at the lowest price.

You are using the best quality materials, adding additional steps for temporaries/trial smiles, guides etc which all take time. Your fees are justified.

2. Practice saying bigger numbers out loud. The more you say it out loud the more comfortable you will feel.

In the early days when you are used to perhaps NHS prices or never had to plan a complete smile design before, it can be tempting to say the fee, then almost give a list of excuses to justify the cost.

This comes across as you not believing it should be that much or that you are trying to convince the patient.

Say it and be confident. You know what is involved in the process. Your fees are fair!

3. Stop thinking about Input costs Vs Output

The key here is to understand the difference the treatment will make to your patient and their perceived value.

This is life changing treatment, not just teeth. This is about giving people the confidence back to progress in aspects of their life that they perceive their mouth has held them back in.

Be it personal, social, career etc. Once you are truly able to understand their emotional triggers and are able to provide them with a bridge to the things they feel their smile has previously kept them away from, suddenly the cost of treatment is no longer a barrier.

When the patient’s outcome exceeds their expectation, value is perceived.

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