How to become more customer focused

One reason why big tech superstars like Google, Apple, Spotify etc. are so popular and dominant Is that they are focussed fully on making sure the customer gets what they want.

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Rather than treating on a tooth by tooth basis, and patients coming in for several appointments, how about looking at the mouth as a whole and educating the patient on restoring everything in one go (or at least the surgical aspect in one go, e.g. for immediate implants).

The reason for doing immediate loaded implants is mainly geared around customer service.
 – Reduce the number of appointments and time off work
 – Reduce the number of surgical appointments

By doing immediate loaded implants you are able to attract those patients that have not gone ahead in the past, because they have been told that they will need multiple visits, and lots of time off work.

This is a technique that you need to be clinically comfortable with, however If you are able to fit in with the patient’s lifestyle and reduce the number of visits, you will instantly be more successful than those dentists that are set in doing everything the old school way.


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