How to attract high value patients

The key to a successful practice is to have a good communication and sales process – but even before you speak to the patient, it is possible to have a strategy so that you only have consultations with those patients who want more comprehensive treatment.

Let’s look at this from the point of view of a patient their health has slowly deteriorated over a number of years and for the vast majority of their life they probably weren’t looking for a comprehensive dental solution maybe they’ve been going to the dentist just to have general check-ups and fix broken teeth.

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Most dentists don’t look at the mouth as a whole they look at individual problems and this is how even some people who visit the dentist regularly can end up with large problems in the long term.

There will come a time when some of these people will find their dental situation too much to bear with and they’ll start to look at different options and different treatments which are available to help them with their situation.

These days with the Internet information is freely available what’s lacking is integrity behind the information.

If you know your trade very well you could take a strategy to post your before and after photos and other content with the goal not being 2 ask someone for a free consultation because that looks cheap, but what if all you did was offer free information.

He probably wouldn’t get hundreds of likes but what we’ve seen is that there are a significant number of people who watch the content and take it in and what you’re doing at that stage is building up high levels of trust even before the patient has ever met you.

By having a good strategy building in video content you’re able to build up a lot of trust with a lot of people who have a complex dental problem now some of these people will come in and see you but most won’t but this doesn’t matter because those people who do come and see you will make the whole process worthwhile can you power off.

Marketing for comprehensive dental treatment is different to marketing for veneers or Invisalign or whitening. Invisalign and whitening are in relation low ticket items the buying process is usually a lot shorter and you can get away with building up very little trust and asking straight for a free consultation. The consultation would be carried out by a treatment coordinator and that’s when the sales process begins.

For the more complicated treatments full math rehabilitations implants all in four these treatments carry a significant level of fear for a lot of patients and if you’re comfortable being in front of her lens of a camera and you can consistently put out good high value content you will soon find that even without offering free consultations even without giving your contact information in your videos people will find you and want to have treatment from you and you alone.

This process creates a buying preference by giving content away for free and valuable content you are creating a level of reciprocity and many of the people who watch your content will be extremely grateful even if they are unable to come in and see you in person.


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