Dental sales done RIGHT

When we think of the word “sales”, and bring it into the clinical world, specifically dentistry, it can seem uncomfortable, since it goes against the grain of trying to help someone.

In order to feel comfortable with “sales” within dentistry you can think of sales as meaning trust.

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A patient needs to have trust in your clinical skill as well as their perception of you being able to meet their desired outcome.

It is so easy to convert smaller treatment plans, as they require a smaller amount of trust. Any dentist can comfortably create enough trust that their patient will go ahead with a couple of fillings, or some short-term orthodontics.

Even plans amounting to £2000 to £3000 don’t require a development of trust over a longer period of time, and tend to be pretty straight forward to gain case acceptance.

However, for more comprehensive plans where you are doing implants, smile design, rebuilding the bite and carrying out full mouth rehab, this requires a lot more trust.

A good consultation process will show the patient that you have the clinical skill to carry out the treatment.

But before you show them what you can do, you need to be able to listen and understand what they want, and why they want it (this is more important)

This is not simply because they tell you that they want nice teeth. Why do they want better teeth, what is the reason behind it?

You need to make sure you have the clinical skills to do the treatment and plan within your ability – but this goes without saying – right?

The biggest reason for complaints, is due to a breakdown of trust, where your patient is expecting one outcome and it is not delivered.

If the expectation is not delivered, it usually means that it has not been understood fully by the dentist.

So excellent consultations really help to reduce your risk.


WEBINAR – How To Get A £25k Case Acceptance

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