How to attract high value patients from your marketing

This may seem obvious, but you will never be able to carry out high value treatment if the patients that you are attracting are looking for low cost treatment.

This a common trap that dentists fall into and cannot understand why their patients are not keen to accept a more comprehensive treatment plan.

It is not about the plan, your ability as a dentist or the cost. It is that your marketing funnel has not attracted the correct type of patient for the treatment that you want to carry out.

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So how do you attract the right kind of patients?

1. Targeted marketing within your geographic location – online adverts/social media.

2. Advert needs to highlight a problem and how you are able to solve it – This will resonate more on an emotional point of view with the patient.

3. Reputation & Brand – All online adverts/social media posts etc are a representation of you and your brand. Don’t try to “sell” and close for a consultation and come across as salesy and pushy.

4. Build Trust – You need to build trust and value. Remember to be informative in your marketing, show a problem and a solution, give advice, show that you want to help Vs getting a “sale”.

5. Marketing is not a one-time approach – For a patient to accept high value treatment plans they may be researching for months. You need to be consistent with your marketing and provide genuine information.

6. Introduce cost – The more open you can be with your prospective patients the more likely they are going to trust you. Don’t fall into the trap of “You need to come in first, then we will tell you the cost”. You can give an idea of cost, based on similar cases.

7. Offer free consultations with a Treatment Coordinator – either in person or over the phone. This will give you a deeper understanding of the emotional/social reasons the patient wants treatment, as well as filtering out those that are not ready to commit, or not the right fit.

Once you have gone through this staged process you should be left with patients who trust you, understand the cost, and are ready to start treatment with you. 


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