3 things needed to sell any case

Tips to improve your case values and get more smile designs/implants

To get more high value cases, you need to focus on one thing: communication.

Now communication is made up of many layers, so sometimes it’s easier to step into your patient mind, and look at how they perceive you.

Luckily, it’s the same for dental sales, as it is for any sales.

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Let’s talk about three things that are going through a patient’s mind when it comes to a new patient consultation.

The core of my business, the way we get our high value clients, is that these patients come and see us, and we have our consultation carried out in a certain way which helps improve our case acceptances.

We have a really advanced way of communicating with our patients at an emotional and a logical level.

Now, when anyone buys anything, and I’m not just talking about dental sales, just literally anything in the world, there’s three things going through their mind. They’re thinking:

  • Is this product right for me? (Is the product or treatment plan right?)

So in our case, is the treatment plan correct for you, is it within their budget, is it the amount of treatment that they want to do, does it fit in within their time scales? All these kinds of questions, is the product or the plan, is correct?

So once the plan is correct, we then need to shift our focus, the patient then needs to think. “Look, that treatment plan sounds good!” or “that treatment option sounds good”

  •  Is this the right person? (Is it the right dentist?)

Is it the right person who can help me doing this treatment. “Are you the right clinician?”

So the patient might be looking for, let’s say Invisalign, implants or veneers, whatever it is, they may have decided that that is the right product for them, but when they come and see you as a clinician, there are certain things that you need to do to prove to the patient that you are the best in the world at solving their problem.

Do they get on at an emotional level? Has the dentist done enough to instill confidence into the patient, that they are excellent at what they do. Our whole new patient consultation is very geared towards improving the perception of skills, because the thing is most dentist have been to loads of courses theoretically, they know what to do and they can treat a lot of cases, but the way that this is communicated often kills a treatment plan, or it kills a sale.

So it’s important to build up a good perception in yourself when you’re talking about treatment with patients.

The third thing that we need to take off in the patient’s mind:

  •  Is this the right practice for me?

There are things which are outside the control of that clinic. It could be that when the patient came in, they weren’t greeted nicely from the receptionist. But the treatment plan you found is absolutely perfect, and you are their ideal dentist. There’s some kind of stuff that the patient will accept, but if they see a rat running across the counter table, they are not going to have treatment at that clinic…

To conclude, the three thing to focus on to dramatically improve your case acceptance :

  • Building the correct treatment plan for your patients
  • Presenting yourself in the correct light, doing a consultation in the correct way
  • You have to be in a practice which exudes excellence

When somebody comes into the practice, we have got lighting done really nicely, internal decorations, etc. The way all of our team members speak to our patients is so critical. Because that stuff is make or break. Very little of this is about how good are you as a clinician.


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