2 Ways to build a dental implant practice

If you’re a dentist and you’d like to do surgical treatments such as dental implants and everything related to dental implants, there might come a time where you want to start your own practice or at least start marketing and attracting patients to the place where you work.

Most surgical dentists will only accept internal referrals but there are two other ways that you can attract patients.

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Either by building a referral network, this involves meeting other dentists providing value to other dentists and just making yourself known in the local community – letting them know that you do a lot of dental implant work.

This has traditionally worked well for a lot of places.

But most practices know that dental implant treatment is quite profitable.

So they will look to hire a dental implant dentist to come in and do the surgical treatments in house so that they collect the lion’s share of the money, which would have been spent elsewhere.

(nothing personal, it’s just business!)

The other way to do this is to market directly to the public.

When you do this, you can’t market dental implants because nobody wants a dental implant.

We need to think about what the patient actually wants and quite often, it’s more comprehensive than just replacing teeth.

The implants go in but the implants of the foundation for everything that’s going on top.

You see, our patients will have a picture in their mind of what everything should look like and how it should feel at the end of treatment.

You need to be able to communicate this in your marketing and say that you’re really good at providing this emotional benefit.

This is OPPOSED to the physical implant and surgical work and you’ll find patients will be drawn towards you because you can give them the end result.

Remember the patients are always buying the end result

That’s what they want.

That’s what they think they’re going to get and the pain, discomfort cost associated with dental implants is actually just a necessary evil for them to move to the next stage in their life.

Effective marketing is just an extension of an effective consultation.

My consultation process is the keystone, the key foundation of how I’ve built a practice.

My practice is built completely by marketing to the general public.

And we are constantly attracting, high value patients, who want a lot of surgical and dental implant work.

Now, I can’t do all of the work myself. So, I have a team, including a periodontist and endodontist, and sometimes if we get really busy, I’ll even refer all the restorative stuff out.

So I’m mainly doing the surgical stuff.


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