How to Increase your Dental Treatment Plan Value

Here is a trick that was used against me, to make me spend more, and I loved it! 

I normally do not buy designer clothes, going to and from work I just have some polo shirts and jeans, as I wear scrubs at work, and outside work its mostly active wear because I am into fitness! 

But it was time to buy some jeans and update my walldrobe a little. 

I walked into the Boss shop – out of curiosity, knowing it was going to be a little expensive… And walked out spending nearly £300 for chinos and a belt. 

The service was amazing, it makes you want to spend!

It was like having a personal shopper, one of the attendants was bringing me different sizes as and when I needed them, and then they would explain the difference in the belts I was looking at (specialist knowledge), ultimately they made me feel special

While we were in there, they brought out bottles of water for me and the family.

And because they are a little more expensive than the other shops, there were no other shoppers in there – this made the experience much nicer! 

In the end, I bought the stuff and signed up to their newsletter/ membership club because I liked the experience. 

So what can we do in our dental clinics to have the same effect? 

The success of a dental practice is a multiple of the number of patients that you can see and the amount of treatment they take up (in the long term). 

Building a trust based relationship is the best way to increase the long term value of your patients. 

We can improve the look of the practice, this doesn’t need to cost loads, keep everything looking clean, simple, and well lit. 

It is important to create value – does your practice look like its upmarket, or like a market store?

Next, lets improve the experience. Do this for new patients as well as existing patients – although your process will be different. 

But lets look at the new patient process. 

For new patients you need to “invite them to your family”. There is a lot of trust/relationship building involved here. 

For existing patients, you need to reinforce this relationship and keep delivering an excellent experience. 

Here is an example of what you could do to differentiate yourself from everyone else. 

When a patient comes in, they need to have a medical history done. One team member could get them a drink of their choice, and another could take them to a private room and go though the questions with them. 

Lets take the effort of reading a MH away!

Next, someone could take clinical photos, or maybe the same person who did the MH, could take clinical photos and upload these to Dental Notebox, so they are available to the dentist or therapist, whoever the patient is seeing. 

Then, make the clinical appointment slightly longer, and have a discussion about the health or cosmetics of the smile before starting to do what you need to do

This helps to put the patient in control of their health, and its powerful to see photos of your own teeth. 

After the appointment, there needs to be an outcome, if its a routine check, and everything is okay, why not suggest that they can sign up to a membership program, and that has loads of benefits. 

If you have delivered an excellent service, then most people will sign up, as they want to come back – you have pampered them – the way I was pampered in the designer store.

By discussing problem on a big screen, and by being able to describe complex issues like occlusion you are able to put your patient in control, and you would be surprised at how many people take up treatment, just from understanding the health of their smile. 

And this is soft sales, just educating. Never tell a patient that they “need” something, this closes doors, it makes people feel trapped. 

Implementing all of this stuff doesn’t cost a lot – but has a dramatic effect on the outcome of the appointment. 

By building processes like this you can increase case acceptance, increase case value, increase the lifetime value of your patients, increase turnover and value of your practice, and all you need to do is change the way you deliver your service. 

If you would like to find out how I do my consultations, how we think about buying psychology in order to attract and get case acceptances for high value cases, I have a whole course on this. It has changed the lives of so many dentists, who were initially carrying out £5k align bleach and bond cases, and are now carrying out many more full mouth and larger cosmetic cases.

You can find out more about this course here.

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