What to do if 2022 brings a big recession

There are so many economic factors that are stacked against us right now. Massive changes in money supply, crypto and inflation. This is all likely to have some sort of impact on 2022.

What we have noticed in previous recessions is that some people won’t be keen to spend more on the none essentials.

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But equally there will be those who will come into money – for example from house sales etc. Money doesn’t just disappear because of a recession. People will still want to have cosmetic work/ extensive treatment.

Rather than falling into the trap of desperation and gimmicky sales and offers. Focus on your core values. Providing genuine improvement to peoples lives and health.

Continue that message in your marketing and when people are ready, you will be flooded.

This happened after lockdown, when no one could get anything done and then straight after clinics were inundated.

Stay positive, keep focussed on your values and patients will keep coming.

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