How to talk about money for HIGH value treatment plans


High value cosmetic cases is ALL I work on, heres how..

So you have a marketing campaign that is informative, catchy & attractive.

But are you asking the right questions when you are in front of the patient having a consultation?

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One of your top priorities in a consultation is to find out how much the patient is actually ready and willing to spend.

In cosmetic dentistry this could be anywhere from £5,000 to £30,000 but the WORST thing you can do is just ask

‘Hey, so what's your budget?’

It's incredibly unprofessional, tacky and most of all it completely destroys the trust with the patient.

What is the key to success?

You need to structure your consultation in a way that you can gently ask how much their budget is.

At my own clinics we have found the best way to deal with treatment fees and budgets is actually full transparency.

I’m completely honest about my treatment fees across all my platforms from videos, website, social media etc.

Well informed people make well informed decisions

When a client has done their own research into the costs, the timescale and the process be before they even come to see you it does 2 things;
It makes the client A LOT easier to sell treatment to.
You don't need to explain every little detail and consult them on every aspect, saving you time for more consultations!

What's the downside?

Well, the downside is that I generate LESS leads and form submissions.

WHAT?! Am I crazy?

Well actually, you can either focus on the AMOUNT of leads and form submissions you get or you can focus on QUALITY.

I always advise it is best to focus on quality.

If you are a quality dentist you want quality patients coming in and having consultations with you.

These quality patients are the people who appreciate quality dentistry and are ready to spend a little bit of money to get their dental problems sorted once and for all.

Anyway, I have recorded a webinar about how I do all my consultations, and the gentle ‘sales’ process that I use.

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