How to STOP unselling patients


So, this is how one dentist put off a patient, and lost circa £10k of treatment.

If a patient is sat in your dental chair - all you can do is unsell them!
(I mean, they are there for a reason right? all you can do is put them off!)

Don't want to read the full article? You can watch the short video version below.

Blog Edit - Unselling A Patient


I saw a patient who was interested in replacing lost teeth.

That is it!

No whitening, no veneers, just replace the missing ones.

And things started well with the dentist, she had bone grafting and was getting things going.

But there were two reasons that she stopped treatment mid way:

1: The dentist was not clear on the cost of the treatment, every visit, it seemed that something would change

2: The dentist and the team would bring up botox and fillers all the time

I mean - seriously!? The patient had never suggested they were interested in this!!

This is what happens when the dentist or the dental team don’t know anything about soft sales.

They start looking like used car sales people.

Now, not only does this look bad, but instead of increasing the income of the practice, it actually reduces it… By a LOT!

How much is the extra spend on Botox and Fillers? I bet its less than £10k. So why risk the big treatment?

Anyway, sales in dentistry does not need to be uncomfortable or ugly like this. There is a simple pattern:

Listen to the patient
Offer them solutions for their problem

Anyway, I have recorded a webinar about how I do all my consultations, and the gentle ‘sales’ process that I use.

You can get free access by clicking the link below...


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