Cosmetic vs General Dentistry

What is the difference between a dentist carrying out multiple cosmetic treatment plans, and a general dentist carrying out the same old drill and fill dentistry?

They may have both studied at the same university but at one point, a decision will have been made that cosmetic dentistry is what they want to do. Then they learn! 

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They will have learned as much as they can about cosmetic dentistry, surrounded themselves with dentists doing the type of treatment that they want to do, and even found themselves a clinic mentor, in order to learn from them.

Over time they will transform themselves into a confident cosmetic dentist carrying out complex rehabilitation cases.

The general dentist will have taken a completely different route. Influenced maybe by NHS, or high volume dentistry mentors. Resulting in staying in the hamster wheel of working volume for lower ticket treatment options.

They will attract patients wanting this kind of treatment. Therefore, they may also believe that people only want cheap dentistry and nobody wants to pay for cosmetic.

The cosmetic dentist will only see the patients that want the bigger treatment plans, so their perception is that everyone wants bigger treatment plans and cosmetic treatment.

The reality is that dentistry is a mix, and you have the steering wheel to take your career to the direction that is right for you.

Taking a step out of your day to day to reflect on where you want to be, is the first step to propelling your career to where you want it to be.

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